OSCAR AWARDS 2012 Live Stream

Billboard Music Awards 2011 Live Stream. After four years in dormant, the Billboard Music Awards are back and sets for the May 22, 2011 awards show is on! The Billboard Music Awards 2011 will been live on its new home at ABC leaving FOX since its last airing in 2006. The Billboard Music Awards 2011 will be held at the famous MGM Grand Garden Arena and awards will be given to music artists that top the Billboard chart rankings, album, single and digital sales. Popularity is also a factor for the awards including Facebook , MySpace and all other social media that the Internet provides.

Billboard Music Awards 2011 performers are all set to fire up all music fans around the globe, to wit are Cee Lo Green, BEP, Taio Cruz, J. Lo, Metallica, Rihanna, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj and so much more… Billboard Music Awards 2011 will be hosted by comedian Ken Jeong. Billboard Music Awards come back is just a sign that it will be an annual show just like the Grammys, AMA’s, and MTV music awards.

Among the top Social Media nominee is Justin Bieber who failed to gain the Best New Artist Award in this year’s Grammys. Billboard Music Awards 2011 had set multiple categories that artist are really dissected in each genre and placements. Here is the list of Billboard Music Awards 2011 Nominees.

As a music fan I can’t wait to watch the Billboard Music Awards 2011 Live Stream. I’m sure that all of us will be scouring the Internet for the best live streaming site and quality to watch the BMA 2011 LIVE stream